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TeamUp! All-Star Camper Kit

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Get your campers ready for a great week of sports camp with the All-Star Camper Kit! This kit will make any child feel like they are part of the team at your church! The Camper Booklet will also engage the families of campers and help campers retain what they are learning. This kit also ensures each camper goes home with an unforgettable experience and objects that help remind them of your camp and ministry.

The following items are included in the kit:

  • Camper Booklet
  • Drawstring Backpack
  • Gospel Wristband
  • Participation Pin
  • Sweatband
  • TeamUp! Music*

*Note: The music is available as a digital download instead of a physical CD. A coupon card with download instructions will be included with each All-Star Camper Kit.

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