1. 2019 Virtual 5K/10K - October 19-27

2019 Virtual 5K/10K - October 19-27

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A virtual race allows for people from all over to participate, as participants do not need to travel to a certain location for the race, but merely need run/walk the required distance(s) on their own time during the week of the race. All participants will then submit their time(s) once their race is complete.

By registering before Oct. 1 you will receive a shirt and a medal. During October 19-27, you will then run the 5K and/or 10K distances you have registered for and will submit your times! We will need proof of your involvement through photos, but other than that it is a challenge to lead yourself! At the end of the week we will have prizes for different time categories as well as fundraising amounts.

If you want more information about the race and how it helps train young people to share their faith, click here.